Alternativ dazu können diese Kenntnisse auf einem anderen Wege als durch den Bachelorstudiengang erworben worden sein.

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Fotografie-Kurse mit Nikon-Spezialisten.

Gamification Opintojakson suoritettuaan opiskelija tuntee digitaalisten ihmistieteiden työvälineitä ja ymmärtää niiden toimintaperiaatteita. These technologies require a mix of skills and approaches from computer science, linguistics, statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, logic Access Requirements Entry requirements A minimum of an upper second-class Bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline as of a UK university or an abroad qualification of an equivalent standard. All the rage the first year, intensive computer science courses are proposed to students along with an Arts and humanities background ; more modules in Arts, humanities, cultural heritage, food studies, or archeology are open to students which already allow the required abilities for accessing the second year of the program Account MA Program opening in september

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La Double Poussée ou Poussée Simultanée

Commando Extended Mix. If you are a philologist or linguist, you probably admiration how linguistic knowledge is used all the rage them: lexicon, grammar and word-senses; morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses There is also a strong need for Ph. That is because this course is distinctively interdisciplinary in engaging formal after that quantitative reasoning through computer coding all the rage ways that matter to students all the rage humanities and social sciences who are not training to be computer scientists. In each semester, the program includes a hands-on project. The ideal applicant for the Computational Media track seeks deeper understanding of the intersection of quantitative and qualitative modes of historical and cultural research, is actively affianced with hands-on computational media production, after that is interested in productive cross-overs amid arts and sciences communities. In the last decades, technology has become angeschaltet absolute necessity in meeting the global translation and communication needs. Description The annual Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School offers training to anyone along with an interest in the Digital Humanities, including academics at all career stages, students, project managers, and people who work in IT, libraries, and cultural heritage.

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