On improvisation, unlearning and antiknow The central topic of my videos could be defined as immigration, and following transformations of a personality.

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At the same time as a story teller, the artist follows the small narratives and undocumented by word of mouth history of ordinary working people, on the background of historical events akin to the Fall of the Berlin Wall, which shook the latitude and longitude of East-West and North-South in the economic dynamics, labor markets and the reorganization of production processes, reflected all the rage changes in the notion of act and everyday life, with a distinctive focus on manual workers and considerably marginalized, unrecognized or unusual forms of invisible labor, like cleaning services, a climbing brigade, or ushers working all the rage a GDR cinema, operators in accommodation cinemas, or, in an earlier act, conceptual artists who in Czechoslovakia did not follow the socialist-realist normative annals and preferred to make a active as stokers. In the recent act, To Cuddle a Goat, a Bad Grammar Exercise, which includes scenes filmed in Mongolia, she explores different approach to the previous, and expresses the ambiguous nature of its subjects after that the uncertainty of relationships with others. The focal point of the curatorial selection in the process of mapping is a new generation of Swiss artists who work with language after that the aesthetics of affect. Die Fans sind abgetaucht in die Abgründe der Fan Fiction. Heisst das, dass Allgemeinheit Schwerpunkte auf die alle wir, Allgemeinheit in dieser Gesellschaft leben oder Allgemeinheit sich in einer Gruppe dieser Gesellschaft in der man sozialisiert wird und sich befindet, definiert was Arbeit ist? Zine release and auction on 1 May at Corner College. It stays relatively in the shadow of the private space and the hidden economy, unlike the museum, the art space or art taking place in the public environment. Depo is a space for critical debate and cultural exchange with a wide variety of international art exhibitions, screenings, talks and such and the first initiative in Turkey to focus on regional collaborations along with Turkey and countries in the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Balkans.

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Hyper Martingale

Welchen Pfad der kritischen Befragung und welche Art von Methodologie lässt sich all the rage einer Recherche über die Post- Studio-Bedingungen anwenden, um Phänomene der Destabilisierung des Studios, der Mobilität und immateriellen Produktion zu reflektieren? Hallucinatory sunny days. Vadim Levin in a dialogue with a dead artist. As a corollary en route for this, hypermasculinity does not allow a few form of weakness. Video installation. Person Helvetia will host a series of conversations with national and international guests on a range of subjects related to its activities in the ocular arts.

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